Snow product samples

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The following products are only samples to show how actual products may look like. We do not pretend to have made products with completely correct values of all the variables. There may also be some variables missing.

Snow Cover Area (SCA)

Average, minimum, and maximum snow cover, in the middle, left, and right images, respectively. Snow-figure2a.png Snow-figure2b.png

Fractional snow cover

Fractional snow cover for 21 March 2008, 1km resolution. Snow-figure3a.png Snow-figure3b.png

Snow water equivalent (SWE)

Average snow water equivalent for March 2008. Snow-figure4a.png Snow-figure4b.png

Snow depth (SD)

Average snow depth for March 2008. Snow-figure5a.png Snow-figure5b.png

Climate change indicator products

As an example of an indicator product for snow cover the figure below shows the snow covered area for the northern hemisphere, averaged for the summer (June-August), for the years 1972-2008.