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The overall project work will be coordinated by a Project Leader Team (PLT) with one representative from each partner (the partner’s local project leader). The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) is responsible for the daily project management and coordination. The main task of this is to facilitate the ongoing process for reaching consensus between the partners while working toward the project objectives. NR is also responsible for monitoring project progress and report the overall progress.
The Project Management Board (PMB) is composed of one representative per project partner plus representatives from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC). The PMB is responsible of the overall directions of the projects with a particular focus on the strategic decisions.

The Technical and Scientific Advisory Group (STAG) is responsible for giving the PMB overall recommendations for fulfilling the visions of the project. STAG also has a special responsibility for providing recommendations for coordination with other projects and initiatives.


The Project Leader Team consists of:

  • Rune Solberg (NR)
  • Mari Anne Killie (MET Norway)
  • Liss Marie Andreassen (NVE)
  • Max König (NPI)

The Project Management Board consists of:

  • Pierre-Philippe Mathieu (ESRIN) and Hilde Schroeven-Deceuninck (ESTEC) (both ESA)
  • Per Erik Skrøvseth and Dag Anders Moldestad (NSC)
  • Rune Solberg (NR)
  • Lars-Anders Breivik (MET Norway)
  • Rune Engeset (NVE)
  • Stein Tronstad (NPI)

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Group consists of:

  • Paul Mason (independent)
  • Vladimir Ryabinin (World Meteorological Organisation, WMO / Global Climate Observing System, GCOS / World Climate Research Programme, WCRP )
  • Thomas Voigt (European Environment Agency, EEA)
  • Lothar Schüller (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, EUMETSAT)
  • Nando Foppa (MeteoSwiss)
  • Barry Goodison (Environment Canada / World Meteorological Organisation, WMO)

Internal services: