Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

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About NVE                                                                      Nvelogo.png

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (Norges vassdrags- og energidirektorat, NVE) is subordinate to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. NVE is responsible for managing Norway’s energy and water resources. The Section for Glaciers, Ice and Snow, established in 1962, is the national centre of expertise on glaciers, snow and river/lake ice. It carries out government and research work (sponsored by EC framework, Research Council of Norway, hydropower industry and Nordic Energy). NVE has a long and strong record providing high-quality data sets and research. It targets high benefit activities to international and national science and sustainable management of energy and water resources. This implies high focus on mountain environment and climate-cryosphere links. Expertise includes climate-cryosphere interaction, glacier monitoring and modelling, subglacial processes, glacier hazards and remote sensing.

NVE's role in the project

NVE is one of the sub-contractors of the project. NVE will have the main responsibility for developing and delivering services for glacier products covering mainland Norway.