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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( provides public meteorological services for both civil and military purposes. Services are for the authorities, commerce and industry, institutions, and the general public, for the protection of their interests, for the protection of life and property, for planning, and for the protection of the environment.

The Meteorology and Climate Department consists of three regional weather forecasting centres (Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø), and operational divisions for Station Networks, Remote Sensing, and Climate.

The Research and Development Department (R&D) is organized in five divisions and is responsible for research and development in support of the institute's operational functions, to ensure that the services are of the highest possible standard.

The Information Technology Department (IT) is responsible for running, maintaining, and developing the IT infrastructure at

Development of the satellite based snow and ice climate services in the CryoClim project is carried out in the Division for Ocean and Ice in the R&D department and the Division for Development in the IT department.'s role in the project

The institute is one of the sub-contractors of the project and has been responsible for development and implementation of the sea ice products. These products and the service rely on's role in EUMETSAT Ocean&Sea Ice SAF ( is together with NR developing the CryoClim snow products. Furthermore, the institute has a lead role in designing and implementing the CryoClim information system as an integrated part in's infrastructure to ensure a sustainable service.