Pilot portal

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Go to the pilot portal.

The pilot portal builds on two backend servers at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. One server demonstrates searching for data in a metadata catalogue. The other server demonstrates previewing of cryospheric data in a map of the northern hemisphere. The two servers are not integrated at the moment. Still, the pilot portal demonstrates the usefulness of some existing technologies that could be used in the future portal.

The pilot portal front page:


The left menu contains shortcuts to other parts of the pilot portal:

  1. SEARH FOR DATA: Brings you to the metadata catalogue search page.
  2. LOOK AT DATA: Brings you to the map preview page.
  3. SUBSCRIBE TO DATA: Brings you to a machine interface page.
  4. ABOUT DATA AND PRODUCTS: Gives you a brief description of the cryospheric data categories.
  5. ABOUT EUROCRYOCLIM: Brings you back to the fron page.
  6. ABOUT THE DEMONSTRATOR: Gives you a description of the web service demonstrator.