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Go to the flash demo.

Enter the demo

The flash demonstrator is implemented in Adobe Flash, and gives an overview of the key functionality of the future portal. In order to run the demonstrator, the Adobe Flash Player must be installed at the client computer. The Flash Player may be downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

When entering the flash demo, the following logon screen appears:


Any username/password is accepted at the moment, this will not be the case in the future portal.

Perform search

Having successfully logged on, you get to the search window:


Formulate a search by selecting proper values from the dropdown menus, and then click the search button. The search results should appear on the right. It may look like this example:


You may expand each item by clicking on the + symbol next to it.

Explore the search results

To explore the datasets, you may jump to any of the five tab cards:


To view the metadata for a specific product, expand a search result and select a product at level 3. The metadata is displayed textually in the right hand two thirds of the window. At the moment, only some artificial metadata is available.



The purpose of the map window is to display a preview of selected products so that users can get an overview of the data and decide whether they wish to download the products for further analysis. The full functionality of the map window is available in the pilot portal. We will show some examples below that illustrates how the map window should be used.

To display one of the snow coverage products, expand it and click on the item at level 3, for example, average snow coverage northern hemisphere. The map displays the product's data on top of the map:


No map navigation is possible.

For the ice concentration product, an animation may be viewed by selecting the play sequence item:


To stop the animation, you have to go to another window (by clicking a tab card other than map), select another product, and go back to the map window again.

One ice concentration product and one snow product may be displayed together, e.g. maximum ice concentration (2004) and maximum snow depth (March 2008):


If you select the average glacier area outline Norway product, the map is zoomed to Norway when displaying the data and the map:


The red dots in the map indicate the presence of detailed products. By clicking a red dot, these products will appear. E.g., clicking the northermost dot in the previous case, four yearly photographs of the glacier front of Austdalsbreen appear:


The climate change indicator product window

For some products, a time series graph may be viewed in the indicator window. An example of a snow cover indicator is shown below:



The ultimate goal of typical users of the future portal is to download data for further study in their lab. This is facilitated by the download window:


The user first selects individual products for download in the left hand third of the window, and then clicks download. A confirmation message appears. At the moment, the confirmation message is hardcoded.

By clicking confirm, the download should start. That is, in the future portal, it will start. In the flash demo, no actual download takes place.

By clicking cancel, the confirmation message disappears.


The information window is intended for the display of textual information about a product category, such as technical specifications or product manuals.


At the moment, clicking the view button opens the corresponding chapter of the demonstration samples of climate products document.